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A highly popular treatment not only in Korea but also in other Asian countries like Singapore is the Rejuran Healer injection developed by a Korean pharmaceutical company, Pharma research.

As we age, our skin ages too which is only sped up by external stimuli and stress. When the skin ages, collagen and elastic fiber in the skin are diminished and our dermis layer gets thinner and loses elasticity. This is why aged skin feels thinner and we get wrinkles.

So came the Rejuran Healer injection in 2014 and became increasingly popular. It uses a substance called PN(Polynucleotide) to regenerate skin tissue, make our skin thicker and increase its elasticity. It reduces wrinkles and brings back the skin to its younger form.

Here are answers to 7 questions you should want to know about the Rejuran Healer.

1. What are the effects of Rejuran Healer?

Image credit: Rejuran Korea - BEFORE & AFTER

Since it regenerates the skin cells themselves, it is very effective for treating acne scars and tightening the pores in your skin. It is also known for making your skin tone brighter and texture smoother.

2. What exactly is PN(PolyNucleotide)

(When more than 10 Nucleotides, which are in DNA, are linked together, it is called a PolyNucleotide)

PN is derived from and is a fragment of DNA, and extracted from Salmon milt. When this is injected into the skin, it works in the dermal layer helping the skin to regenerate. It increases its elasticity and reverses damages to the skin. It is known to be a very safe substance, stable to heat, and does not cause adverse side effects in the human body.

3. What is the difference between the Rejuran Healer and the 'Salmon Injection' in Korea?

The 'Salmon injection' is composed of PDRN, which like the PN is a fragment of DNA. But PN is typically longer threads than PDRN. So if the PDRN in Salmon injections are acting quickly in healing the skin structures, the PN in Rejuran healer stays in the skin longer and acts as a support structure while healing.

4. Who is suitable for getting Rejuran Healer?

  • For those who do not want the unnatural look of getting fillers or Botox, Rejuran Healer could be a good alternative

  • For those in their 30s and above, with dry skin and frequent skin problems

  • For those with wrinkles on the neck, around the eyes, and have stretch marks that are difficult to treat with other options

  • For those with thinned or sensitive skin from overuse of laser treatment

  • For those who want to make their skin naturally healthy

5. Where can the Rejuran Healer be treated?

The Rejuran Healer injection can be injected in the areas shown in the above image. For the session, Each area 2cc of injection is recommended. When used locally in small areas and with smaller amounts, it is said to be less effective. When injected in the forehead as well, 6cc of injection is recommended for each session. It can also be used for neck wrinkles, for which 2- 4cc is injected evenly in the areas between the wrinkles.

6. When do the effects show?

Image credit : Rejuran Korea - Before & After

  • After 3- 5 days, the skin becomes smoother and the hydration level is balanced.

  • After 2- 4 weeks, skin becomes more elastic due to collagen generation, and light wrinkles and pores are reduced.

  • After a month, you will notice a natural lift and even a slight increase in volume.

7. What are the side effects?

The component properties of the Rejuran healer, compared to other cosmetic injectables like Hyaluronic acid fillers, Sculptra, and Ellanse, are more skin to our skin, so when injected as a standalone treatment it has almost no side effects. If you have any health / Skin conditions you should consult with your provider doctor about your treatment history before getting this Healer Treatment.

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