Scalp Micropigmentation


Scalp Micropigmentation is the only 100% effective solution for hair loss including thinning hair, hairline recession, pattern baldness, alopecia, and hair transplant scarring.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that uses detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. The result creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles that help thicken and restore the look of fuller hair. If you are starting to thin, recede, or if you are completely bald, we can give you the look of a short buzz cut.

Consultations can be done in person, over video chat, or we will need you to send us pictures of all the angles, from above, from the front, from the side, and the crown. We highly suggest coming in for a personal consultation to give you an exact quote since very customizable plus person to person. Different techniques may be required depending on the different styles you are trying to achieve.



All new procedures need consultation to deliver best results for our clients since results are may vary, cases can be different by variety skin types (consultation + procedure can be scheduled on a same day) shaping/mapping, color matching, aftercare instructions and procedure.


Consultation required. Please contact for price.

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Scalp Micropigmentation Policy and Aftercare

Preparation before Appointment

- Consultation is required for all permanent makeup. - No other person or animal is allowed to be in the room during procedures. - Please arrive early to allow time for checking in and filling out paperwork. Prepare yourself by relaxing with our selection of refreshments. - Please avoid the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, fish oil, and blood-thinning medications (ie. aspirin) 24 hrs before any semi-permanent makeup or MTS services. If you are unsure of any products you have been using or consuming it is the responsibility of the client to bring these to the technicians attention prior to starting services. - Do not drink coffee, tea, alcohol, or energy drinks on the day of treatment. - Do not use retinol/retinoids, Botox, topical acne medications, and strong AHA/BHA 48-72 hrs prior to the procedure. - Fix and/or wash the respective areas before treatment, for best results you will not be able to have direct contact with water 7 days after treatment.

Booking, Canceling or Reschulding Appointment

- Deposit is required to secure procedure appointments. You can book it through the website 'book now' page. Please note these are non-refundable, and all services are final. The remaining balance is owed at the time of the procedure. - Your time is precious to us so we ask that you consider ours as well and notify us of any changes or cancellations at your earliest convenience. Please note our 48hr cancellation policy (50% late cancellation and 100% for no show) for all of our spa/procedure services. - No call, No show will have to pay in full to book the future dates.​ - Calling or texting to let us know you are running late is appreciated and we will try our best to accommodate but we cannot guarantee services can be provided. - If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment(s) it may be canceled, or a late fee of $15 will be charged for every 15 minutes that has elapsed. The late fee will be collected once the service has been rendered. - Rates are subject to change without notice & are non-negotiable. We reserve the right to refuse service. - Tipping of staff is appreciated (industry standard of 20% of services) if you are happy with your visit. - Accepted forms of payment: Cash, Square Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, and Check only. - For all credit card transactions through the website, a transaction of 5% will apply on the day of service(procedure). - There are no refunds for services but we will try our best to remedy any unsatisfactory results or experiences. - Results May Very

Initial Procedures

- Initial procedures times may vary depending on the individual and the area being treated. - Products we used for the procedures are the professional high-grade brand, Disposable and FDA Tested/approved such as Harmony blades, Li pigments and I love ink made in the USA. - We put a lot of thought into customizing and meeting the needs of each experience you have with us so procedure time on our service menu is approximate, please understand that it can take a little more or less time than listed.

Second Touch-up Require Complete the Procedure

- Although we aim to provide service at the highest standard, every individual is unique in their own way so we cannot guarantee results. It is important to remember that this is a two-part process and the second touch-up will complete the procedure. - Some clients will require additional touch-ups to fill in missing hairs, lengthen hairs, or achieve a more intensive color. The full result will not be apparent until the client has completely healed. - All clients that have semi-permanent makeup or lash extensions done elsewhere will be treated and charged as first-time clients. - Touch-up appointments will be subject to the availability of the technician’s schedule. - Technicians will do their best to meet the 4-6 week time frame recommended for complimentary touch-up appointments, so it is recommended to book these in advance. If an appointment is rescheduled by the client and does not meet the complimentary time frame, touch-up fees will apply.

Important Aftercare

- After the semi-permanent make-up procedure, it is natural for swelling to occur. - Colors may appear darker immediately following the procedure. Pigments usually scab after 3-5 days. Allow the scab to flake off naturally. DO NOT pick, rub, or cleanse the area with soap or cleanser for 7 days. As the healing progresses, colors will soften to its true color. - We recommend lightly rinsing your face and showering with low-pressure water after the first 7 days. After 7 days, you can use a gentle soap or non-greasy cleaner to keep your brows or treated areas clean. - To ensure the hair stroke lines stay as thin as possible, do not allow direct contact with water for the first 7 days. Water, sweat, and oil on hair stroke lines can blur/ thicken the appearance of the lines. - No heavy workouts for 10 days. Avoid sweating. - It is normal for colors to fade up to 20-40%. Touch-ups are recommended after 4 - 6 weeks and no longer than 8 weeks. - Apply ointment sparingly to treated areas twice a day for the first 2-3 days following the procedure. - Avoid Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline during your healing period. Anything with a petroleum base can cause a reaction, crusting, scabbing, and sweating so the skin is not able to breathe. - If itching occurs, Bactine is recommended as it will disinfect the area. Bactine contains lidocaine and benzalkonium chloride. - If necessary, an appointment for a retouch can be scheduled 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure at no extra charge. - Do not soak the treated area in a hot tub or swimming pool for 10 days post-treatment. - No sunbathing, tanning, chemical peels, mesotherapy, dermabrasion, Botox or any other intense treatments for 4 weeks post-treatment. - WARNING: Chlorine, exfoliation creams, and exposure to the sun will cause colors to fade. - Failure to follow post-procedure instructions may cause loss of pigment, discoloration, or infection.

Microblading healing day by day

24 hours - 48 hours They look textured, dense albeit a little bit red. Your brows are bold in color. They can look slightly more dramatic in appearance than normal, tender, swollen, and you may even experience some slight bleeding. The day you get them done you may be in awe of your fresh set of brows.

Please don’t panic. The permanent makeup has been applied to compensate for fading of 20-40%, so if they look darker than you normally wear your brows, stay calm, the color will fade over the next week. The next couple days Your brows will be reddish, still quite tender, and maybe even a little bit thicker in texture than the day before. You may really notice the difference in your brows and feel like people are looking at them, but chances are you’re more self-conscious about it rather than people noticing them being darker than normal. Swelling can be still going on at this period. 

The redness can subsided a lot at. They had not started to form hard thick scabs may yet or may have. Day 5-7 when things start to change. This can be the turning point in the healing process, where your brows are getting itchy and it is advised to NOT scratch them, as the wound may still be open. A thick layer of scabbing may form (may not) and the fine hair-strokes that were created may be hidden. You may feel like you want to start panicking again. You have a wound on your face, therefore your body is trying to repair itself, hence the scabbing. It’s all a part of the healing process, and if you’ve had any other kind of tattoos in the past, it heals very similarly. 
Just know that this is totally normal and even if it doesn’t look pretty, you shouldn’t worry. Let it heal! Day 7 (this day periods can be slightly different skin by skin) This is the scary time period when the serious scabbing will start, and begin to peel away from the skin. Some will be extremely tempted to pick or peel the scabs. Don’t give in to this temptation, it could affect your healing very negatively. If you pick it, you could lose pigment that was deposited into the skin and could end up with a holes, patchy eyebrow. By gently rinsing the area regularly the scabs will slowly start to fall off - when they’re ready. This phase is definitely the hardest of the process. As a client looking on social media, I haven’t seen anyone talk about or show this side of the microblading healing process. All we see on our social media is perfectly fresh strokes, but scabbing? Who knew your entire eyebrow would shed and go through this transformation? This experience is perfectly normal, and necessary for their eyebrows to heal properly. Day 7-10 Your scabs will probably be all flaked off or flaking off on their own by this point and you’ll start to see the light at the end of the healing tunnel. But because the skin has not completely mended itself back together, there may still be some cause for concern. The color during these days may seem way too light or even grey and missing in spots. You might feel like your skin didn’t take the pigment, but that’s not the case. They’ll almost look like you’ve filled them in with a powder, so again just remain as calm as possible and begin to start enjoying the fact that your eyebrows are done for you every morning. It’s important to note that at this stage, the wounds should be closed so if you’re feeling self-conscious about the light look of them, you are able to apply some makeup to fill in for the time being. Day 10-15 The color might disappear- thinking that your brows are gone at this point (Some skins may not experience this this process) Day 14-25 The color and definition of the hair-strokes will return at this point. The color is beginning to even out and look more natural and brow-like. People you tell about the procedure won’t even believe that it’s a tattoo. It’s truly amazing. You’ll be settling into your new shortened makeup routine. You are almost there! Day 30 Your follow up + touch up day. Your healing process is complete! Your skin is completely healed and color is softer. They should look soft and natural. This is the point where you’ll be able to tell if there is anything you want to add or change, there could be a couple spots from loss of pigment,shapes which is all dependent on how well your skin took the pigment, but this is OKAY because your follow-up appointment should be just around the corner!