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D+Cell 360 TRA

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Tissues Regeneration Activator (TRA)

D+CELL is a dermal care product for professional use with its active ingredient "PDRN". PDRN had been used for regeneration treatment as a medicine and its effect and safety were approved through various clinical studies. D+CELL product is optimized for various skin care treatments, especially for damaged and sensitive skin caused by Laser treatment or repetitive treatment. D+Cell treatment makes Skin healthy and beautiful with its fundamental regenerative effects.

Main Feature of D+CELL 360
  • Excellent effectiveness in Revitalizing skin tissue regeneration and wound healing

    • Reduces inflammation and swelling

    • Increase the number of fibroblasts

    • Form a normal matrix by secreting and balancing both collagen and non-collagen protein

    • Creates capillaries and Improves microcirculation

  • Safe and Reliable substances which can be applied on damaged and sensitive skin

  • Maintain regenerated tissues for a long period of time

  • Short downtime and no influence on daily life after the treatment


D+CELL 360 TRA I is a tissue regeneration solution mainly used for improving skin rejuvenation elasticity and hair growth treatment. It has strong regeneration effects by stimulating fibroblasts and collagen substances by promoting the secretion of various cell growth factors such as FGF, EGF, and IGF.


D+CELL 360 TRA W is a regenerative whitening treatment solution mainly used for pigmentation treatment and improving overall skin tone. It contains Arbutin which has been identified from MFDS for its whitening effect by inhibiting and activity of tyrosinase, a core element in the biosynthesis of melanin pigments.

D+CELL 360 TRA Hydro

D+CELL 360 TRA Hydro is a regenerative solution mainly used for moisturizing. It is commonly treated after Laser treatment for its fast relief and recovery effect. It restores moisture and oil balance by strong hydration effect of the medical grade of HA and regeneration effect of PDRN.

D+CELL 360 TRA Cream

D+CELL 360 TRA Cream is a regeneration homecare cream mainly used after all kinds of treatment for fast recovery. It enhances dehydration and less vital skin care by overexposure to UV light or damage by physical and chemical treatments.

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