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Immediately after procedure lip blushing. For a few hours following the procedure, please continue blotting lips to remove lymph fluid - this would ensure the lips would not form a thicker scab, as well as icing frequently to keep the swelling down.

Following this, please apply a thin layer of aftercare on my lips. They will begin to feel dry and stick together so it's a must. It was around this time, you can take a Tyrenol + Benadryl to assist with the inflammation/pain to bring down the swelling and take the edge off. Lips might feel sunburned/raw/bruised and quite tight from the swelling. The combination of over the counter meds and Aftercare can make it more comfortable.

Following the procedure, lips continue to darken and change. It began to look very red/wine colored. By about 5 hours post-procedure, lips can begin feeling less tight and swollen, they are still very tender to touch, however. Same evening please follow aftercare protocol and clean the lips with a gentle sulphate-free, fragrance-free soap (Stella's soap). After patting dry please apply a thin layer of Aftercare.

While washing lips, you might notice the sensation in my lips can be completely off due to numbing cream. After cleansing, please dabbed with a fresh, clean washcloth and it felt smooth as silk despite being textured. At this point, the pigment appeared slightly deeper in color. You can finish the night by putting a light coating of Aftercare ointment given by Stella Kim Artistry to keep the lips from feeling dry/tight while sleeping.

DAY 2-3

24-48 hours can definitely be an adjustment. One strange thing you will notice would be that lips can still little tingly numb feeling, kind of like pins and needles without the pain. At mid-day the dryness began to set in, so please apply aftercare ointment frequently to help with the feeling of extreme dryness. The edges (if you did lip lining ) can be the worst at this point, they felt like badly chapped lips. Again, the color began to shift from a red/coral to deep dusty pink. By evening lips might have gone down in sizes and were nearly normal again. Lines began appearing on lips as they had deflated from their giant size post-procedure.

On Day 3, your lips might feel extremely dry and tight. At this point, the scab was fully formed and much thicker than it had been on Day 2. This scab can begin to crack in spots. It would sting in the corner of my mouth if you accidentally open mouth too wide to eat or yawn, your lips would split if you moved your mouth too much while speaking or laughing. By mid-day, the center of the lips first began lifting in the inner edge. Day 4

Please avoid not picking on your scabs. You will see scabbing gets thick, hard and crusty. As the morning went on, this quickly began to change, they began to lift and peel. By early afternoon ⅓ to ½ had lifted off, but not fully peeled. The color underneath will be so natural and perfect.

DAY 5-7

On Days 5 through 7,Lips will feel extremely dry - They will also go through the second layer of thinner peeling. They can feel extremely sensitive to touch but not as bad to spice Please continue the aftercare routine that was given on Day 1.

DAY 8-10

On Day 8 The lips will feel very dry and hard flakey, very different from the thin peeling I had experienced on Day 5-7. I noticed another change in the color, feeling that it had lightened a bit from the previous few days.

Day 10 -14 your lips should begin to feel “normal”.

DAY 14-30

Day 14, the dryness finally begins to subside and the color will begin to “bloom”, settling into a deeper but natural tone. Approaching 21 days, lips can finally not look dark or wash out.

Moral of the story, your lips are going to appear many different colors over these first 30 days and peel like a snake, trust in the process! Follow your aftercare protocol, don’t pick, be patient. Promise it’s all worth it!


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