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October 5, 2019

Secret RF

Demand for non-surgical aesthetic procedures with little to no downtime is on the rise. More than 70% of clients are bothered by signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles as well as skin texture and discoloration.

Secret RF is a novel fractional radio f...

October 5, 2019

What is RFzet?

RFzet is a noninvasive skin tightening procedure that utilizes the well-known RF (Radiofrequency) energy to heat up the skin to make it contract and stimulate one’s own collagen production. RFzet’s superior technology is designed to rejuvenate old or dyin...

September 19, 2019

Hyaluron needle free injection has become the most trendy cosmetic treatment since 2017, it is a new technology that allows a jet injector uses high pressure to force a hyaluronic acid through a person’s skin. The result was less discomfort than a needle injection, a l...

August 29, 2019

Ever since Kylie Jenner did for lips what Cara Delevingne did for brows (i.e., jump-started the oversized feature trend), people have been searching for the single product or procedure that will help them achieve that same plumped-up look. Jenner's lips...

August 15, 2019

We’ve heard many of you express a desire for longer, fuller lashes, but feel lash extensions are just too much maintenance. We feel you, and heard you loud and clear. 

Luscious Lashes that Last for Weeks

You can ditch the DIY lash curler and mascara and with just one 30...

May 31, 2019

When we’re looking for a moment to rebalance, reset, and relax, we’re big fans of reaching for CBD. Its many benefits to both skin and mental health make it an obvious choice to add to our menu. We're excited to educate you about everyone's favorite wonder ingredient i...

March 12, 2019

What is Covered BB Glow Facial?

Covered BB Glow is one of the latest anti-aging beauty innovations from South Korea since 2016. FDA tested. It is a Semi-permanent foundation ampoule instead of pigments specially designed for your face. Make sure to research and go with...

March 11, 2019

What Is LED Light Therapy?

LED Light Therapy Is A New Noninvasive Treatment Most Notably Perfected By NASA To Improve Wound Healing In Space. LED Light Therapy Uses A Number Of LED Bulbs (Light Emitting Diode) To Deliver Optimized Light At A Specific Wavelength To Stimu...

March 11, 2019


Carboxy Gel Therapy is a new anti-aging skin correcting technology. This breakthrough therapy generates activating bubbles that contain a proprietary formula to stimulate skin to restore beauty, energy and health. Carboxy Gel Therapy deliver...

March 11, 2019

How Is Covered BB Glow Nano-Needling Different From The Traditional MTS-Needling?

Nano-Needling Works A Little Differently Than The Medical Microneedling. It Uses The Same Type Of Oscillating Motion To Treat The Skin, But The Cartridge Encompasses 81 Silicone Tips. The...