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3D Microblading
and SEMI-Permanent Makeup

Microblading is a form of tattooing, however unlike regular permanent tattoos, this is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts 6 - 12 months. After the initial treatment you will only need to get occasional touch-ups to maintain your brows. Pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual hand-held blade tool instead of a machine. Hair-like strokes are drawn with the tool to mimic natural hairs in your brows. This leaves you with full brows customized to the natural shape of your brow. 

Powder filled eyebrows are the least invasive method and may be an ideal procedure for those who still have a fair amount of hair in the brows. It may also be a good choice for those who might have lost hair in one spot due to a scar or irregular hair growth.


Feathering Techniques consists of strokes that are applied closer together to give a dimensional, shaded look. This method may yield better results for certain types of skin.

Nanoblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo techniques for eyebrows for a thicker appearance. The procedure involves the use of pigmented ink and a super fine needle to create hair like tattoo strokes. Slightly thicker texture than a classic 3D Microblading.


Our STELLA KIM ARTISTRY Semi-permanent makeup results create amazing-looking eyebrows, however, the procedure is not recommended for everyone.

Investing an hour or two of your time can make you beautiful for years to come.

The procedure is often split between two appointments, typically 4-6 weeks apart to allow for the healing process to complete in between appointments.

The initial procedure will take 90-160 minutes and varies depending on the individual and the areas being treated. Secondary appointments and touch-ups take 30-60 minutes.

To prevent any complications relating to your overall well being, please review all the information below:

Semi-Permanent Makeup requirements; contraindications; and medications to avoid before your appointment. Proper preparation for a microblading / brow appointment/semi-permeant makeup will also help to achieve the best possible healed results, so be sure to prepare accordingly.


Appointments are typically up to 2 hours; babies or children can't be present during your appointment, so please make necessary arrangements in advance.


Please come to an appointment wearing your makeup as you normally do. By doing so, it helps in communicating the desired color preference of your eyebrows or lips.

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