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What is lash enhancement?

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Stella Kim Artistry is thrilled to offer lash enhancement permanent makeup to our clients. All appointments are scheduled with our experienced, board-certified permanent makeup artist: Stella Kim.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the procedure:

  • What is lash enhancement?

Lash enhancement, or invisible eyeliner as it is often called, involves tattooing an ultra-thin black line along the top lash line to create the illusion of fuller, darker, thicker lashes. The result is a natural, youthful, eye-opening effect. Depending on your preference, the bottom lash line can also be subtly tattooed.

  • How is the lash enhancement procedure performed?

The device used to deposit pigment is entirely different from the manual tool used for Microblading. The Nouveau Contour Intelligent device delicately applies pigment to the skin for natural-looking results. It’s the world's first computerized pigmentation tool that perfects the look of soft, lush lashes.

  • What does the procedure feel like?

First, we apply a strong numbing cream to the treatment area to alleviate discomfort. Many clients describe the sensation as a "tickle" on the lash line. Your eyes will be closed, and the practitioner will gently smooth your lids to ensure a perfect line during the treatment.

  • How long does a lash enhancement treatment take?

Plan to set aside 90 minutes to two hours for your lash enhancement treatment. (This includes time for the numbing cream to kick in.) Every procedure is fully customized to produce the best results based on each client's individual features and needs.

  • How long do the results last?

Results can last up to five years - much longer than Microblading. Just think of all the time and money clients save on lash extensions, eyeliner and often mascara, as well!

  • Who is an ideal candidate for lash enhancement?

Lash enhancement can be a great solution for anyone who wants thicker, darker, healthier-looking lashes, including people with naturally sparse lashes or medical conditions that cause their lashes to fall out (e.g. alopecia). Those with Graves' Disease and glaucoma may not be good candidates. You’ll also want to hold off if you’ve recently had eye surgery or plan to have surgery in the near future. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions about whether lash enhancement is right for you.

  • What should I bring (or not bring) to my appointment?

Avoid using Latisse on the day of your treatment, and remove any lash extensions. Also opt for glasses if you wear contacts.

  • What can I expect afterward?

You will likely have some swelling for up to a few days after your lash enhancement treatment. You can apply Ice and black tea bags soaked in cold water to your eyelids to help reduce swelling for 5-10 minutes at a time, if needed, multiple times per day. In the first week of healing, it's important to keep the area clean and dry. It is also essential to avoid wearing eye makeup for the first week.

  • How will the results look?

Just like with Microblading, the liner color will typically appear much darker for the first 10 days, but as the skin heals the results begin to look impactful but natural. This is a popular procedure for its quick application and beautiful, long-lasting results.

A Note From Stella: Touch-Ups are not included in her permanent makeup applications and are not typically needed, but be advised individual results may vary.


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