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Voted #1 for Best Microblading Artist in San Francisco, CA. We were top location in union square since 2016. Our  facility has been inspected and verified by San Francisco Department of Public Health.


Daly City, CA location is available free parking. Only 15 minutes away from our San Francisco Downtown Location and walking distance from Daly City Bart station.

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Makeup + Hairstyle

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Lash + Brow Extentions

Eyebrow Treatment

3D Microblading

Brows + Makeup



Plasma Pen 

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Facial Skincare and more

Keratin Botox

Lash Lifts

Watershine Covered BB Glow

Serious Model

Needleless Hyaluron Acid


about Stella.

Stella is the founder of Stella Kim Artistry. Stella was born in South Korea where she learned the business first-hand from her mother, who was a well-known celebrity hair and makeup artist. Through attending beauty events with her mother, her passion for beauty grew strong.


While in college, Stella began her career at a beauty counter in San Francisco. She quickly grew a private clientele and loved working with them so much that after graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to earn her Master Make-up Diploma along with her Make-up Designory (MUD). Stella continued her studies at the San Francisco Blush School of Makeup and has since received nine more certifications for permanent makeup, including lips, brow, lash liner and scalp, plus specialized training for permanent makeup removal. She is also uniquely certified to do a specialty service called Covered BB Glow Facial that other places don't offer. Stella has worked with numerous clients to remove and correct 3D Microblading and Permanent Makeup performed by salons that lacked proper technique due to improper training and lack of legal licensing. She holds certificates for lash and brow extensions and has a cosmetology license from Cidesco (Master of Aesthetics). To grow her passion and stay up to date on the latest permanent makeup techniques Stella attends yearly conferences, and has even been trained by South Korean beauty gurus.


Stella is truly a master of her art and has a trained eye for creating beautiful, natural-looking looks for all of her clients.

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415 350 1265
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